COBA Player Services

In order to help achieve a player’s full potential, it is important that there is a range of services to support the player’s individual requirements and personal development. These include :

International Coaches
ClearOne Olympic Badminton Academy has many coaches with international playing and coaching experience, including coaches from Indonesia, China and Canada.

Fitness Coaching and Personalised Training
Each player has access to a specialist fitness trainer, who will work with the player and the coaching staff to develop a personalized programme.

Sports Injury Clinic
The Academy has made special arrangements for athletes to attend a Sports Injury Clinic with on-site physiotherapists, who can assist with injury prevention strategies and immediate treatment and advice in the event of injuries or concerns.

Weight Lifting Gym Area
Players have access to an air-conditioned area sectioned off for specialized weight lifting.

Sports Medicine
If required, there is access to an experienced Sports Doctor for problem diagnosis and guidance and also access to a specialist. Sports Medicine Clinic, which can offer a range of tests to help avoid or solve performance-related problems, including nutrition guidelines and allergy testing.

Sports Psychology
Coaching will include mental training, but specialist sessions can also be arranged by the Academy Director. If players require more personal attention, then COBA has access to specialist badminton sports psychologists.

In addition to the above, staff at COBA understand the importance of players’ ambitions and performance needs, so the entire staff and management is focused on creating the right culture and environment in which performance players can thrive.