Adrian Liu

Player / Assistant Coach

Adrian moved to ClearOne from Prince Rupert in 1998 and has since emerged as the premiere doubles player in Pan America. Adrian is the 2011 national champion in Mens doubles and has won several international tournaments in doubles since 201. He is an Olympic contender and Canadian national team member. Adrian specializes in coaching Adults and Teens of a beginner, intermediate and elite level.

• XV Peru International Men’s Doubles Champion
• Guatemala International Challenge Men’s Doubles Champion
• 25th Brasilian International Cup Men’s Doubles Finalist
• Pan American Championships Team Champion
• Saskatchewan Senior Elite Series Men’s Doubles Champion
• B.C Provincial Men’s Doubles Champion
• Alberta Yonex Series Senior Elite Men’s Doubles Champion
• World Championships Hyderabad India Men’s Doubles Rd. 32
• Highest Men’s Doubles World ranking 27
• Yonex Toronto Open Senior Elite Series Men’s Doubles Champion

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