Joyce Ko


Joyce moved to ClearOne in 2009 and has since become one of the dominant females in Canadian Badminton. She was a silver medalist at the 2011 Canadian National championships and is the #1 ranked Canadian ladies doubles player in the world. She ahs won numerous national and international titles since 2010 and is an Olympic contender for 2012. Joyce specializes in coaching children and teens of a beginner, intermediate and elite level.

• Member of Canadian National Team 2 years (2009, 2010)
• 2010 Commonwealth Games Team Member (New Delhi)
• 2010 PanAm Doubles Champion (Brazil)
• 2008, 2009, 2010 PanAm Team Champion (Peru, Mexico, Brazil)
• 2010 Puerto Rico International Women’s Singles Finalist
• 2010 Santo Domingo International Mixed Doubles Finalist
• 2010 Canadian National Women’s Singles Finalist
• 2009 Miami PanAm International Women’s Singles Champion
• U23 Canadian National Women’s Singles Champion
• U23 Canadian National Women’s Doubles Champion

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