CLEARONE Corporate Badminton League

The CCBL is a year-long badminton league, in which companies enter a team of 6 players to compete against other company teams, during the lunch hour.

Teams are divided into various divisions based on strength and level. Each team will play every other team in their division at least two times during the regular season and then compete for the Corporate Cup in the playoffs.

The CCBL is a fun way for companies to invest in their employees’ health and wellness, while allowing for social and corporate networking.

Regular Season

  • Each season consists of 22 regular season matches plus 5-7 Play-off matches
  • Each division consists of 12 teams
  • Teams will be ranked in the regular season according to their total team points accumulated by either winning, tying or losing individual ties.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of the season, the higher ranked team will be determined by head to head results
  • If the head to head results are split, the higher ranked team will be determined by total tie victories
  • If those Total tie victories are equal, then the total number of individual games won throughout the year minus the total number of individual games lost
  • If this last criteria remains equal, then the team ranked higher at the beginning of the season remains the higher ranked team


  • The Top 6 teams will compete in a top-half play-offs, while the bottom 6 teams will compete in relegation play-offs
  • The 2 highest ranked teams in the play-off will receive a “bye” in the first round
  • Team 3 will play team 6 and team 4 will play team 5 in a “one-tye elimination round”
  • The winners will advance to play either team 1 or team 2 in a “best-of-three series”
  • The winners of these two series will play each other in a “best-of-three-series” for the division championship
  • The Top 3 teams in each division will receive medals.
  • The winner will also receive the Corporate Cup of that division.


  • Each Tie consists of 6 matches as described above
  • Should a tie finish 3-3, a “Golden Set “will determine the winner of the match
  • A referee will preside over each tie, make decisions regarding controversies, collect the scores from the matches and manage the shuttles
  • A team will receive 3 points for winning a tie 4-2, 5-1, or 6-0
  • A team will receive 2 points for winning a tie 4-3 (Golden Set)
  • A team will receive 1 point for losing a tie 3-4 ( Golden Set)
  • A team will receive no points for losing a tie with 2, 1, or 0 points

Golden Set

  • A Golden set begins by making a coin toss
  • The winner of the coin toss removes one of 4 events that his team least wishes to play
  • The loser of the coin toss then removes one of remaining 3 events his team least wishes to play
  • The Winner of the coin toss removes on the remaining two events that his team least wishes to play
  • The teams play one set to 21 points in the remaining discipline
  • Any players may be used to compose that particular discipline so long as they match the appropriate genders for that discipline.

Rules and Fees

  • Each company must field a team that is solely composed of their own employees
  • Companies may create a “joint-team” with another company however it must be acknowledged in the team name ( e.g. Morgan Bank-Charlie’s Burgers)
  • Each team must pay an annual registration fee of $2500
  • Companies may substitute players every week provided that those substitutes are employees of the company.